Candice Ouellette, Jun 01, 2021

Hooot Safety Tips: Going for a Run

This week's Safety Tip Tuesday post is all about running in honor of National Running Day! Each year on the first Wednesday of June, people across the country set out and get their heart rates racing in honor of National Running Day (this year falling on June 2!). From long-time runners who make it a part of their daily routine to those who are looking to make a change in their lives with a new hobby, it's important to keep your personal safety in mind before heading out for that jog. That's why we've put together a few tips to keep in mind and help you feel safer while running solo.

Give a Heads-Up

Keep your crew in the loop! Always let at least one person know that you're headed out for a run, and what you're route will be ahead of time. Make sure you let them know once you've safely arrived back home, too. If something bad were to happen while you are out and about, someone will know you haven't made it back home yet, and will also know exactly where to look for you.

Practice Your Moves

A lesson in self-defense. It's always a good idea to have a move or two down for self-defense against potential attackers. Find a couple that you feel comfortable with and make them your go-tos. It's important that you stay sharp and practice them once in a while to ensure you're prepared if and when you need to whip them out.

Stay Seen

Stay on the beaten path. Do your best to stay in well-populated areas. If you're someone who prefers to run at nighttime, it's also important that you stick to routes that are well-lit. Staying on the beaten path can help deter potential attackers, and keeps you seen by others.

Ditch the Earbuds

Keeping your ears open. We all like having some tunes to workout to. But when you're running alone, it's important to keep your ears open to any potential dangers. Ditching the earbuds makes it easier to hear if someone is following behind or if there may be danger coming up ahead.

Download Hooot

Hooot can be a runner's best friend. Just turn the app on before you head out for your run. Hooot will alert your emergency contacts that you may need help, sending out a text message and GPS location. We keep personal safety simple and discreet, keeping you connected to your closest circle and allowing for quick access to help when you need it. And the best part - it's voice-activated. No phone unlocking or texting necessary. Hooot's 911 integration for premium users is coming soon - stay tuned!