Candice Ouellette, May 25, 2021

Hooot Safety Tips: Living Alone

We all know there's nothing like having an apartment all to yourself. No roommates, no problem! But if you're not feeling secure in your space, the experience can shift from fun to frightening. That's why we've put together a list of tips to help keep you feeling safe and secure when you're home alone!

Befriend your neighbors

Get Friendly! People are more willing to help friends rather than strangers. Aside from having someone there to gab your mail or water your plants while you're away, you'll also have someone nearby in the event of an emergency.

Be Smart about keys

A *key* tip. Be smart about your spare key. Rather than hiding it somewhere near the front door, keep your spare with a family member, trusted friend, or the aforementioned neighbor. Be sure to have your keys handy and ready to unlock the door before you get there, too. Attackers can approach you while you are fumbling for them.

Have an emergency plan

In case of emergency - it's always important to have an emergency escape route. Not only in case of a fire, but also in the event of an intrusion. Be sure to test-run your routes once in a while, too!

Close your curtains

Privacy, please. Anyone can be watching from anywhere, and they can quickly figure out that you live alone. Maintain your privacy by keeping your curtains closed - especially at night.

Consider your mailbox

Keeping that low profile. Be mindful of what your/your landlord put on your mailbox. Avoid displaying your full name. Doing so lets others know who you are, where to find you, and that you live there alone. Stick to using only initials or no identifying info at all when you can.

Think before you post

Trust us, it can wait. On vacation? Out with your friends? Think before posting on social. While sharing every moment of your life is the norm these days, it can actually be pretty dangerous. Announcing you're away from home can invite all sorts of danger. Think before you post!

Download Hooot

We keep personal safety simple and discreet. Keep Hooot in your pocket to stay connected to your closest circle and quickly access help when you need it. Hooot instantly alerts your emergency contacts that you may be in trouble with a text message and a pin-dropped GPS location. And the best part - it's voice-activated. No phone unlocking or texting necessary.

By Candice Ouellette - 05/25/2021