Candice Ouellette, May 19, 2021

Hooot Safety Tips: Shopping

From groceries to holiday gifts, to no-reason-needed retail therapy - shopping is a regular part of our daily lives. While we don't often think of going to the store or the mall as being a potentially dangerous activity, the truth is that anything can happen anywhere. When it comes to shopping, the dangers don't just stop at potential retail robbers. That's why we've put together a few key things to keep in mind the next time you venture out to the store.

Secure Your Belongings

Locked up and locked in. Keep your belongings (such as your purse) secure when out and about in the store or mall. Keep a firm grasp on the straps/handles, hold your belongings close to your person, and make sure any buttons or zippers are closed and secured. If you are somewhere with a shopping cart, you can also use the kids' safety strap to hold your purse in place, making it more difficult for someone who may try to grab it and run.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Who, what, when, where? Take note of your surroundings, and keep both your eyes and your ears open. Always trust your gut - if you notice someone is acting suspiciously or think that you may be being followed, alert a security guard. You can also have security escort you to your car when you're done.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

Keeping it light. If you're shopping later in the day, make sure to park in or close to a well-lit spot. Attackers are less likely to act in situations where there is a higher possibility of being seen by others.

Lock your doors.

Just like locking your front door. Make sure your care is locked and secured to prevent theft or an attacker from hiding inside. Be sure to immediately lock your doors after getting back in your car, too. You never know if someone could be keeping tabs on you and/or what you purchased.

Download Hooot

We keep personal safety simple and discreet. Keep Hooot in your pocket to stay connected to your closest circle and quickly access help when you need it. Hooot instantly alerts your emergency contacts that you may be in trouble with a text message and a pin-dropped GPS location. And the best part - it's voice-activated. No phone unlocking or texting necessary.

By Candice Ouellette - 05/19/2021