Candice Ouellette, Jul 06, 2021

Hooot Safety Tips: Traveling Solo

After over a year filled with quarantines and covid restrictions, the world is finally opening back up. Naturally, many of us have been itching to get our travel back on - especially since it's summertime! Recently when it comes to traveling, the focus has been on how we can protect ourselves from the virus. But that's not the only thing we should be concerned about when it comes to keeping ourselves safe and healthy. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, it's important to keep your personal safety in mind. That's why we've put together a list of tips to keep in mind and help keep you feeling safer when traveling solo!

Arrive Early

Arrange to get to your destination/hotel early in the day when it's still light out. This way, you can check out your surroundings and familiarize yourself with the immediate area in plenty of light with plenty of time left in the day.

Write It Down

Sure, we're used to using our phones for everything these days. But sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing things is best! Write down your hotel's address, this way you will always have it with you and know where to go in case your phone dies or it gets lost or stolen. Also, keep information about where you're staying private!

Stay on Higher Levels

If possible, book a hotel room on a higher level rather than the ground floor. There is typically another layer of security to get through before getting on an elevator. If you happen to get on the elevator with a stranger, let them press their floor number first. If it's the same level as yours, ride up another floor just to be safe.

Keep Everything Close

Use a purse or pocket that can be worn or held in the front to prevent pickpockets, and be sure to keep cash in more than one spot. If your purse does get stolen, you will still have some money on you!

Download Hooot

Hooot can be a solo traveler's best friend! Use Hooot to keep your friends and family in the loop on your location. The premium version will work to connect you with local 911 services depending on your location, so even if you and your circle are unfamiliar with your settings, you'll be connected with someone who is! Currently, Hooot works primarily in the USA, so keep this in mind if some of your upcoming travels are taking you outside the country!