Candice Ouellette, May 04, 2021

Hooot Safety Tips: Walking Alone

It's no secret that walking alone - especially as a woman - can lead to some dangerous situations. For many of us, it's an unavoidable daily action that puts us in a vulnerable position. From walking to and from classes to simply venturing out for some fresh air, the unfortunate reality is that danger can lurk around any corner. Luckily, we've put together a few *key* ideas to help you feel safer while you're out and about solo!

1. Take Out the Earbuds

Trust us, that song or podcast can wait. When walking alone, keeping your ears open is just as important as keeping your eyes peeled. While most of us like to listen to music, a podcast, or even talk on the phone while we take a stroll, it can limit what we hear or pay attention to in our surroundings. Taking out the earbuds allows you to hear if someone is following behind you, or if something is coming up ahead. Keep your ears open and stay alert!

2. Keep your Keys Handy

The OG safety "device." When held correctly, this everyday item can be used as an effective weapon. There are several self-defense methods that involve using your keys. The most well-known method (placing your keys in between your fingers with your hand closed in a fist, creating a sort of brass knuckle effect) has been shown to be less effective than others when it comes to self-defense (source). Here are a couple of others you can try:

a) Firmly grasp the biggest key on your key ring to use as a poker, aiming for soft-tissue areas such as the throat or eyes.

b) Firmly grasp the biggest key on your key ring, allowing the others to hang loosely, hitting the attacker with the mass of hanging keys and heavy force.

Try these or other methods and see if one feels more comfortable for you.

3. Stay in Well-Lit Areas

It's important to keep it light. Studies have shown that well-lit areas have lower crime rates (source). Street lights allow us to see others, and then to see us, leading to a safer feeling and sense of community. Stick to well-lit, well-traveled streets and pathways as much as you can.

4. Switch Up Your Routes

They say that variety is the spice of life. Always taking the same route when you walk makes it easy for potential attackers to know exactly when you will be in a specific area. Switching things up can help keep you off the creepers' radars, while also making things a little less monotonous for you!

5. Download Hooot

We keep personal safety simple and discreet. Keep Hooot in your pocket to stay connected to your closest circle and quickly access help when you need it. Hooot instantly alerts your emergency contacts that you may be in trouble with a text message and a pin-dropped GPS location. And the best part - it's voice-activated. No phone unlocking or texting necessary.

By Candice Ouellette - 05/04/2021