Candice Ouellette, Jun 15, 2021

Hooot: Connecting You to Emergency Services

We are excited to announce that Hooot has launched our premium, voice-activated emergency service!

You spoke, and we listened. Now have even greater peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones with Hooot's newly integrated emergency service.

This premium feature utilizes Hooot's key component - voice activation. Once triggered, Hooot will connect to emergency services, providing them with your precise location and real-time updates. This new service will add value to Hooot by providing our users with even more opportunities to access help.

"Hooot's original mission was to change the culture surrounding sexual assault and women's safety," Hooot founder and CEO Max Young said in a statement on Monday.

"Working on the app over the past 2+ years, my focus shifted more towards perfecting the product, fixing bugs, running tests, making adjustments here and there," he continued. "I started to lose sight of my original goal while trying to create the perfect solution."

After taking a step back and some time to reflect, Young reached a conclusion that has helped him regain sight of his original goal.

"sexual assault and women's safety is not a woman's problem," he said. "It is a problem that resides within men. This is not a problem for women to solve because they are not the problem. We are!."

Young went on to say that he developed Hooot not as a solution to the problem, but as a stepping stone in the right direction.

"I am creating Hooot as a band-aid until we as men can change our reckless behavior," he said. "My goal is to help start the conversation and bring accountability to our problem."

With Hooot's mission realigned, as well as our new feature, we're looking forward to changing the conversation and making women's safety even more accessible than ever before.

Download and subscribe to Hooot's premium version to access this new service today.