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Accurate hands free 911 service

Be notified of your student's location in an emergency

Unlimited emergency contacts

Focused on student privacy

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$119.99 /yr

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Give a Hooot.

With Hooot's voice and gesture activation you can discreetly signal for help in any situation. Your friends and loved ones will feel protected everywhere with the Hooot app in their pocket. Give the gift of empowering safety (and yourself some peace of mind) for just $119.99/yr.

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Our App

Your personal mobile bodyguard. Uncomfortable, potentially dangerous situations can present themselves anywhere at any time. From gameday tailgates to late-night solo runs - wherever you find yourself - Hooot’s right there with you, instantly and discreetly connecting you to your closest circle of friends. Just #SayTheWord.

Why Hooot?

With Hooot's voice and gesture activation you can send for help discreetly in any situation. Feel safe everywhere with the Hooot app in your pocket.

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Live Updates

With Hooot's live updating map you can quickly and easily find your friends when they need help. Making Hooot one of the best safety apps out there.

Import Contacts

Simply import an unlimited number of emergency contacts to keep you safe in any situation. From going out to a party or just walking to class, Hooot is one of the best college safety apps.

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